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High-quality linen clothing made from natural fibres. Locally produced in South Africa and made in limited batches, these items will truly make your wardrobe unique.



  • Our dream became a reality in a small stone cottage on a farm tucked away in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal. It was here where the patterns of what was to become Hare & Manuela were woven.

    We are Kimberley and Estera, owners and creators of Hare & Manuela. Both of us moved from Europe to South Africa to start new lives with our partners. When the COVID pandemic struck and lockdown became the new normal, we found time to pursue what had, up until then, remained a hobby. We set up a sewing room in a stone cottage and using Estera’s background in sewing and design, started creating pieces just for ourselves.

    But we soon fell in love with the process of creation – of bringing a pattern to life – and decided to share what we had created. Bit by bit, our business began to take shape, starting with our name and logo.

    Hare is Kimberley’s maiden name and Manuela is Estera’s middle name. The logo represents a Hare for Kimberley and a crocus flower for Estera’s mother’s Romanian name. Our eco-conscious natural fibres and attention to detail mean that every piece is designed to highlight your timeless feminine flair.

    Being a boutique brand, our clothing is handcrafted in limited batches, and designed to be worn all year round rather than seasonally.

    At Hare & Manuela we are dedicated to bringing you the quality and refinement of a high-end brand, providing a capsule wardrobe for the modern woman longing for effortless feminine tranquility.